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I help Mum's Revive their Relationships by reconnecting with who they are and tapping into their creative spark.

Ready to

Revive your Relationship

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Are you...

A Mum who feels inadequate, alone and frustrated in your partnership?

In a relationship that has become predictable, boring and stagnant?

Feeling stuck, disconnected and undervalued?

Feeling like roommates instead of lovers, leading separate lives?

Complaining to your girlfriends because you don't want to "rock the boat" with your partner?

Feeling lost and unsure of how to proceed?

Do you want...

To feel confident, supported, and happy?

A relationship that is exciting and fun?

To feel free, connected and truly valued?

A great sex life and like you truly understand your partner?

To feel comfortable talking to your partner about anything without fear or causing an argument?

To know exactly what you need to do and feel confident that you have the tools to get you there?

Empowering Mums with the tools they need to have a stronger partnership and more fulfilling life.

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"I couldn’t be more grateful to have found Kiri; she is so talented at what she does! 

Kiri is such a great listener, takes her time with me, always makes me feel heard and understood,

and gives valuable advice and next steps. 

In just a few months of working with Kiri, I went from feeling deflated, unsupported, and conflicted about staying in my marriage to feeling happy and more secure in my relationship.

She has really improved my communication with my husband by helping me reword what I want to say in a more approachable way.

I finally feel like we are able to make progress forward instead of arguing about the same things.

Kiri even goes out of her way to answer my questions between sessions which really helps me organize my thoughts when bringing up difficult conversations with my husband.

Kiri has helped me find ways to prioritize myself, and she has helped me gain the confidence I need to speak up for myself in my relationship.

I have worked with other therapists in the past, but they have not been nearly as helpful as Kiri has been.

She has made such a big difference in my life!"


"Kiri's 5 keys have been so beneficial for my own personal growth as well as reconnecting with my partner. They are straightforward and easy to follow, and have helped me to understand myself better and given me more confidence in communicating. I would definitely recommend this to anyone wanting to reconnect and learn to communicate effectively with their partner."


"As someone who is separated from her husband, working through Kiri's Relationship Academy

modules has been a different experience for me than for many others.

However, I am finding it really beneficial for helping me find myself again (Mum-life is so all-consuming at times!).

It has given me some prompts to consider my behaviour, communication styles and boundaries,

and to apply this learning to my parenting and to my co-parenting relationship.

I'm grateful to Kiri for her thought-provoking topics, presented in such a relatable way,

as it is really helping me to grow into a more aware person!"


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